Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On The Side

I am recovering from a houseful on Easter, running a business that has decided to become successful, have a houseguest staying with us and currently have so many children hanging out here during spring break playing Rock Band that I cannot think straight.

And I am, for reals, thankful for all of it.


So, I have some catching up to do...but in the meantime,  here's a glimpse at one of my favorite peeps.  She came with the house we bought years ago and we liked her so much that we had to marry her into the family!

Introducing.... my sister-law extraordinaire:

(mother of some of the cutest children ever.)

What inspires you?  Other moms that I know-my mom, you, my sister, my best friend.

Greatest fear? Losing a child

Best part of being a mom? Unconditional love from my kiddos, plus LOTS of hugs and kisses

Favorite color? red

Favorite food? seafood & smoothies (not together)

Favorite guilty indulgence?  Coldstone Creamery-cheesecake with brownies flavor

How did you meet your husband?  =0) My fabulous sister-in-law was our matchmaker!!!

What do you do for a living?  Full-time wife & mom and part-time music teacher.

Favorite read? Anything I can get lost in-either mysteries or smut novels.  If you can combine them, that's even better!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be and why? I don't know that I have a particular location in mind, somewhere with seasons.  I love seeing the changes of seasons.  Plus I really like to be close to my family/friends. If you want somewhere foreign, I would have to say Ireland.  It's BEAUTIFUL, plus I can speak their language!

Best childhood memory?  Jumping off the roof of my garage into the snow during the Blizzard of '82

Thanks, Joanna!  



  1. Best part of being a mom? Unconditional love from my kiddos, plus LOTS of hugs and kisses

    Yeah, THAT will change when they become teenagers!

  2. I am totally behind in my blog reading. I was talking to Joanna about this tonight and didn't realize it was posted. I'll be emailing you soon. I love you and I love your blogging creativity!


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