Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Button, Part Two

Two corrections to The Button story:
  1. Our shoes were NOT dyed pink.  That was my wedding where the shoes were dyed to match the dresses.  And I am pretty sure none of my bridesmaids have forgiven me yet.  (And I will be posting a picture soon of the dresses from my for it, Rachel!  Took me awhile, but I finally figured out how!)
  2. The Button did not fly off all by itself.  My Uncle (and this is somewhat disturbing, so read ahead at your own risk) slapped my mom on the butt.  Yep.  Somehow the words slapped, butt and uncle should not be in the same sentence.  But alarmingly,  they are.  

And this would be me....walking down the aisle:

More family stories to come!



  1. The red shoes I wore for your wedding were not dyed. I purchased some red leather pumps, and wore then a lot afterwards.

  2. ok what year is this picture?? Same color as MY wedding.....

  3. So if you were in HS when this was taken then you must have been Matthew's age when you got engaged...

    What year was it where you were working at Bella Michele?


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