Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break

An Easter recap:

A most beautiful bread for Easter morning.  Tasted rather icky, in all honesty...but you can't have it all.

Or can you?

Stuffed candy into a hundred or so eggs.  And one big mouth.
This is what happens when big boys hide little eggs.
All my shots of Logan look like this.

Joanna carving the Easter ham.  And she did a mighty fine job, too.
First day of spring break found me at the movies with Brian, where I won the mother of the year award by sitting through Mall Cop.

We munched movie popcorn and shared a soda and a baggie full of Easter and snuggled together.

Came home and had a cocktail in vintage glasses.

Double perfect.
The hit of the year...guitar hero world tour.  Hours upon hours of family fun.
And me?  I.Am.A.Rock.Star.

For reals.

Hour upon hour of belting out fabulous vocals while my family laughs hysterically.  It's OK...I am going to sing at all their wedding receptions cuz I now have my very own mic.

Laugh away, boys.

Did a bunch of soldering today...just me, a houseful of boys and a blow torch.  Love me that blow torch.
Unfortunately, there will be no singing tonight...I somehow lost my voice.  No worries, will come back.  Soon.


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  1. At least Mall Cop has to be better than the Pokemon movie. I tell my girls that they will owe me for that movie for the rest of their lives. I had no idea until the movie was underway that the Pokemon characters only said their own names. Somehow I always managed to tune out the TV show when the girls were watching and was oblivious to that fact.

    Fortunately we can now enjoy the same movies. Kate is sure I need to see the Hannah Montana movie soon : )


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