Monday, April 20, 2009

Sweaty Day


It is 90 something degrees outside...Mollie found a cool place under a palm tree to rest.  Or so I thought.  She's really waiting for all those baby bunnies to pop under the fence in search of a safe place to visit and possibly a free meal.

But we have a guard cat.  Or two.  Or three.  (their uncle, who lives at our neighbors house, delivered a baby bunny to our backyard, too.  It's a bunny party back there.)

I am loving the green thumb of that guy that I like so much.  And speaking of him, we had two (count 'em!  One! Two!) shared, lingering, summer-time like meals together this weekend.  With, like, real conversations that reminded me once again how much I really like him.

Under this amazing salad is a hot hunk of foccacia....cuz my new favorite thing in the world (it changes often) is hot bread or  hot chicken or hot salmon topped with cold vinegary salad.  In fact, I have been eating it lots and lots.  And lots.
Some old friends came out to visit and a big choice was to made...amaretto that I hand carried home from Italia, Tia Maria that I hand carried home from Puerto Nuevo, Mexico and (are you sensing a theme here??) limoncello that I hand carried home...from Trader Joes.

Can't have everything, you know.
This morning was rough on the youngest two, who had a marvelous spring break but needed to go back to school.  I am so ready for summer vacation, much so that I wandered outside and climbed into a neighbors car and drove to the gym as soon as the house was clear.

And spent 45 minutes watching the food channel while I trotted (walked?  jogged? ran, even?) on the eliptical machine thingy...which I actually like.

Mainly because it allowed me to go to PF Changs after for lunch.  The things you gotta do when you wanna do something.

Home to a hot, hot, hot house where all I had to do was push the button labeled 'cool' and my house...get this....cooled down.

The joys of having AC that works.


And then I shed tears of joy again, when my girlfriend (who is a local indy artist and does amazing, amazing work) delivered a painting that she painted for me.  A painting that screams with color and simplicity and complexity and joy and ME...all at once. 

And it ROCKS.
Tonight is the first Monday night that that guy that (wow...that is alot of that's) I like so much has off, so we are going to head to Nick's for supper.  I've been feeling bad...we've been cutting back on eating out (thanks to college and basketball and music and the economy and whatever else you want to throw in the mix) and it's families like us that keep a non-chain restaurant going.  

And so we will do a part and eat great food together at our favorite restaurant.


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