Thursday, January 1, 2009


2008 ended with that guy that I like so much doing almost all the cooking (and cleaning up!) for the whole day...might have to make that some sort of tradition!


Supper was my very favorite and his house pasta, aka linguini with chicken, prosciutto and a bunch of other really yummy stuff.  The 1st time he made it I told him that if he were to ever be in the dog house with me, make this dish and all would be forgiven.

It's THAT good.

And no, he wasn't in the doghouse last night, but I would have picked a fight just to get this stuff!
Later in the evening...homemade chocolate fondue while watching Ironman.  Oh my.  Oh my.  Oh my.
Matthew went to a party (and made it safely home after biggest worry) and the rest of us just hung out.
Midnight came with great fanfare and one little boy blowing a trumpet.  It was so foggy that we could only make out the outline of our neighbors house...which in SoCal, where you can reach out and TOUCH your neighbors house, that was a big deal.   It was so quiet and still and beautiful...well, except for the blaring trumpet.

This morning I slept until 10:39am.  Me.  The insomniac.  Well rested, I made panetone french toast while watching the Rose Parade.  
A pretty good way to start the New Year.



  1. Alex looks super excited to be home with you!

  2. A trumpet blowing at midnight?? Glad I don't live in your neighborhood.


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