Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Last Few Days

I am pretty sure that there is life outside of high school basketball, but I haven't been able to find it.


Wednesday was a home game, which means snack bar duty for me...and also means I don't see Brian all day long.  I leave before he gets home from school and am finished after he is in bed at night.


But I sure do like watching my #35 play.  His dad does, too...and had to do quite a bit of juggling (including letting students lead a rehearsal) just so he could be there.

Excited after a big fun to watch!  

Snack bar money...we're loaded!  OK, so not really...but every little bit helps the program, which in turn keeps our costs down.  Costs a LOT more to rent a bus now.  Notice the heart picture of my girls on my desk?

Thursday, I sat in the sunlight and made jewelry/filled orders.  Valentine's Day is coming!
I love these pendants with the little copper rivet..charming!
My practice one from my riveting class...I wonder who it's for?  

Friday was Brian's concert.  Oh my...I sure do love this stuff!  Hard to take a video when  A) you are short and  B) you have tears streaming down your face.

So, so cute!


Plus, more basketball...this time an away game, but still in our town.  As of now our team is 20-1, with their only loss being to a sophomore team during a summer tournament game.  Pretty cool.

Jae, the man on the right of Alex, was his 1st 'real' coach from 5th - 7th grades.  He was there during the broken thumb and broken ankle and broken knee the days when Alex was a tornado wearing tennis shoes.  He kept telling Alex to remember who taught him everything he knows.


Let's's now Saturday.  Saturday!  I finally spent some real time in my garden, which had just a few weeds and some pretty dead tomato plants.
While not much better, it is 3/4 of the way cleaned I planted broccoli and cauliflower.  I've got my summer seeds ordered and will start them next month so they'll be ready to plant in early May.

Came home and made BLT's for lunch with homegrown lettuce from my neighbor Ann's garden.  YUM.  I have enough of her arugula left to make a salad with supper winter I am so growing lettuces.  Can someone remind me, please?



  1. Seeds and gardens? All we have is snow, that slowly melting.

    Do you get to keep that stash of money in the photo?? :)

    If anyone wants to see Michele as a little kid, check out my blog for a photo of her and her teddy bear.

  2. Ah...those early band and orchestra concerts! We certainly sat through our share of both of those! It's amazing how quickly they move along, though. In our school district, band, orchestra and choir are graded classes that meet during school every day beginning in sixth grade, and they also miss one of their classes one day a week in junior high for a small group lesson. Even the kids that don't practice much improve with the lessons and playing time. In high school they are ready to tackle more difficult music. Next month Kate's honors choir is joining the honors orchestra to do the full score of Mozart's Requeim. I'm really looking forward to that concert!

  3. Band, as a class DURING school? Never heard of around here. It meets before school - no transportation provided. 5-6th grade meet twice a week before school, 7-8 meet 3 times a week before school, plus if you're in jazz band, it's an extra day. No wonder Matt didn't want to continue - he hates mornings.


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