Monday, January 5, 2009


New Years Day lasagne.

Which we weighed, pan and all, and it came to 21 lbs.

Now THAT'S a serious lasagne.


The next day...a basketball game conveniently located by the Rainbow sandal (flip flops) hut...which was closed!!!!...even though the sign said they should be open.  That's life on the beach, which I love...except when I need a pair of cheap Rainbows.


So, we hit Chronic Tacos before the game because if you ever find a Chronic Tacos near you, you MUST enter and eat.  It's a MUST.
And you MUST order fish tacos.  It's a MUST.

We then hooked up with a guy (who looked kinda homeless cuz he was dragging a suitcase!) at the game...and he came home and made us REAL hungarian goulash soup.  In our kitchen.
And chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake.  Gotta love when people come to YOUR kitchen and cook!
Thanks, Jimmy....see you in Boulder in March!  


Pat came over too and learned that car racing is definitely in her future!
Having a college aged son home means waking up to things like this in the morning.

Cuz this is what you do when you live in a dorm and forget that you live at home during break.  Except you don't have a mother in your dorm room telling you to clean stuff up.
Sunday, Michael played for all 3 services, so the boys and I drove up for late service.  It's always at church where I realize just how giant they all are...probably because they are all standing so close to each other without touching each other and dragging each other to the ground.

Church is a 'hands free' place...and it took YEARS to master that one small detail.


After, we gave the giant boys some money for lunch, the keys to my dented car and sent them on their way...with a warning to NOT FORGET BRIAN.  Which they didn't, so all was well.

I learned later that they bought a 10 pack of chili dogs and from the mouth of Alex, 'don't go in your car for awhile cuz it don't smell so good.'

And I don't think he was talking about chili dogs.


Anyway, M and I Belmont Shore for a visit to Le honor of Ingrid. (and tried, succesfully this time, to not buy a cute little house down there!  Oh my...I love cute little houses!) 

And if I had remembered my camera I would have taken lots and lots of pictures...but just know that the Crepe Madame is probably the best thing I have ever eaten.  Ever.

Ingrid....YOU are a rock star.


We then drove home down PCH and straight to nap-ville.  Bliss.  Absolute bliss.


  1. OK, Matt now thinks are more than psycho, as you are now weighing food. Maybe you need to get a life, so Matt says.

  2. No I don't she is just making things up! And I don't think the you need to get a life.

  3. appleberrycottage is my crazy Mom.

  4. Shouldn't he be in a chat room picking up girls...

  5. I heart Le Creperie, I'm so glad you were able to go. I miss that place likes crazy.
    I'm also missing my daily Michele update like crazy...I think I've started to twitch. :)

  6. So where is our little Michele?

  7. Maybe the earthquake this week left a hole in the ground and swallowed her up.

  8. I think Alex finally ate them out of house and home!


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