Sunday, January 11, 2009


This morning was church with just the 6 of us...M and I, the boys and my cough.

Who I am getting mighty tired of.

This was our last Sunday as a family of 5...Matthew heads out on tour this week and moves (officially) back into his dorm on Sunday.  We always do some sort of lunch after church...usually In n Out, but after last time there was just no way.


But they still begged.  And pleaded.  And begged some more.
And Brian's little head way back there just cracks me up!

No In n Out...instead we went to Pacific Star.  A true diner in every sense of the word, with really awesome burgers and really sticky floors.  
And really great...REALLY GREAT pastrami sandwiches.  And fries that taste all greasy and salty and like the chicken nuggets and fish sticks were cooked in the oil too.  Come know you miss that!
Everything is now quiet.  M is watching football with his eyes closed.  =0)  Matthew is out with Jenn, Alex is watching the game at a neighbors house and then they are coming here for supper and Brian is outside pogo'ing with all his friends.  

We're all around for supper tonight, plus a few extra's, so I'm going to make a big pot of gravy and meatballs.  It's HOT the 80's.  Where oh where is winter?  

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  1. Winter is HERE. Only about a foot of snow yesterday. A little more tonight, and then a few more inches tomorrow evening. Then it's the sub zero temps. Yep, winter is here.

    So, we haven't heard about Jenn since the fall. She's still around? Those boys haven't scared her away? Amazing.


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