Monday, January 12, 2009


It is 5:28pm and 85 degrees outside.

In January.

And I am making a pot roast.

In the oven.



  1. Good thing you got that new furnace!

  2. Is this the forum where I can whine about our cold snowy winter? It's snowing yet AGAIN and then we're getting an arctic blast. There is a small possiblity of a snow day...but I'm not holding my breath. If we do get to stay home, I'm going to bake banana bread, do an extra long workout (to make up for blowing off tonight's workout), and then curl up with a few books by a fire. There has to be SOME compensation for all the cold and snow!

  3. Trade you places...oh wait...that won't work. You have a snack bar that takes 7 hours to work, I don't think I'd trade for that responsibility. But really, when the wind was blowing and my eyes started to water today...I wished the wind was blowing, sand was between my toes, and I heard the ocean waves crashing behind me...........sigh.

  4. On good thing is the cold keeps the bug life down!

  5. It's 9:25pm and it's -4 degrees (wind chill of -16).


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