Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Hot.

Yesterday was basketball for the smallest shrub in our family, and we were there (of course!) to cheer him on.

His team is the Beavers and they remind me of the movie The Sandlot.  Our coach is a high school girl (who at the last game wore 3 inch spikey heels) and this week didn't show, so a dad stepped in.  It's just a little rec league near our house and it's not very organized...but Brian is having fun and that is all that matters.  Plus, they only lost by 30!

And sometimes when you are feeling low about losing, you need a new book (Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3) and a family trip to Nick's.  Nick's helps everything.
Except crazy big brothers.  
A little pizza, a little wine, a little eggplant parmesan...equals a happy, happy car ride home.
The weather here is still HOT...we're looking at high 80's again today.


I will say that it makes me think about my summer garden, so I have been ordering seeds like crazy.  I cannot wait to start my tomatoes...lots and lots of tomatoes.  I'm actually going to put some plants in tomorrow...just a few, and see wether they hold out once winter really comes this way.  

Can't hurt to try.

This afternoon Alex has an away game, so we'll all go to that.  Matthew is actually up and out...wind orchestra practices today and leaves in the morning on tour.  M is back in his office, too, so that leaves me and the cats.

Love my cats.


We're out of OJ and 1/2 and 1/2, plus Matthew needs some breakfast stuff for his dorm, so I'm going to head to Costco.  I also ordered a jewelry stand from Pier 1...on clearance for $4.00!, so I need to go pick that up.  Supper tonight will be on the later side after the game, but will be burgers on the grill and a big salad...most likely eaten outside in the back yard. 



  1. Eating dinner in the backyard? Life must be really tough. Come and eat on our deck tonight! It would be quite the experience (you'll have to check out my blog to see why).

  2. Can you feel the cool breeze I'm sending your way? Oh wait, it's a FRIGID ARCTIC BLAST! Actual temps are going down to -24 tonight. No school again tomorrow for Kate, but I still have to report for an institute day (unless they decide to cancel tomorrow morning!). I have decided that I am going to hibernate for awhile. I may come up and check for signs of spring on Groundhog Day (one of my favorite movies, by the way), or I may just wait until April. I'm SO done with winter!

  3. Since when is my grandson a "shrub"???????????


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