Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Stuff

Back to back games, followed by a little ice.  And a little pizza.


Alex's team won by tons, which was actually a blessing in disguise...all the 1st string players started and had to be pulled out after a few minutes, so there they sat at the end of the bench hanging out.
Sunday morning.  Winter.  Southern California.

Can't get anymore perfect than this!
Church, followed by Arby's.  Sometimes you just have to mix it up a little.  Oh, and Brian...who doesn't like Arby's btw, ordered a chicken sandwich without mayo.  Cuz he doesn't like mayo, either.  And...Arby's charged us 30 cents to make a chicken sandwich minus the mayo.

And next door to Arby's?  The $1.00 Book Store.  Full of $1.00 books.  Rows and rows of $1.00 books.  M, Bri and I went crazy.  Alex had his iPod.

Home to plant hydrangeas in a wine barrel.

In the dead of winter.
I finally loaded up my Christmas present...a Butler bag.

Love, love, love my Butler!
And tonight...short ribs, hot fudge pudding cake, and a little entertainment.



  1. Matt will be happy to find out where you went for lunch after church. He checks every week to find out. We have a name for Arbys, it's Barfys. No explanation needed.

  2. I am not happy about Arby's charging you for no mayo, lame.
    I am happy about the video of the boys...I watched it before I went to work today, absolutely fabulous!!!

  3. Can you really call it winter if it doesn't get cold enough to snow?

    Yesterday Kate and I were in the city for the final performance of Wicked, and the temp was hovering around zero. I was wearing dressy ballet flats, and after a short walk from the parking garage to the theater I could hardly feel my feet. Cute dress shoes won out over ugly winter boots. Brrrr!


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