Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NYE Madness...Or Not.

Last night, the Warriors won the Sonora tournament.


We then had to drive home 5 of the most hyper boys EVER.


No games now until Saturday...and then we'll have, on average, 3 a week until March.

Love, love, love basketball!

We all stayed up late (after arriving home after 11pm, but it IS Christmas break and poor little Brian DID go to bed) and watched an older movie....The Net, so this is a slow morning for us.  It's actually going to be a wonderfully slow day...and I am thrilled.

But 1st...sweet Maggie:
And Mollie...who is single handedly taking apart our Christmas tree.  And yes, we still have a tree and lights on our house for another week.  We celebrate Epiphany, so we have another week to go.

As for's New Years Eve and we are staying home all. night. long.  By choice.  M is making his pasta for supper (and he's making omelets right, I love a prof who is on vacation!!!) and at some point after that I am going to make a huge pot of chocolate fondue.  And watch movies.  And snooze on the couch.  And watch movies.  And snooze on the couch.

The boys want to have some friends over so I am sure we will have a revolving door going on, which doesn't bother me a bit...cuz I'll be on the couch watching movies.  And snoozing.  And watching movies.  And snoozing.

And maybe playing some Animal Crossing.

Till midnight.


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  1. Mike is going to have to turn in his Man Card for making omelets!

    Our Home Small group, plus a few others are coming over to our house so we don't have to go anywhere either!


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