Saturday, December 13, 2008

Running the Race

Early winter in southern California is truly beautiful...I was driving yesterday in my neighborhood and was blessed by changing leaves...

...and glorious skies.  Breathtaking.

This is the time of year where I just need to slow down and trust completely in God to get me from place to place to place....which I should be doing at all times and not just when life gets crazy.

I'm human...and it's concert season.

Last night was concert 3 of 5, followed by a cocktail party.  Today are concerts 4 and 5, with a reception at the university presidents house (which means we have to go, but it usually ends up being pretty fun) followed by another cocktail party at our house after the final concert.  

And then we rest.

Oh wait...if I were to look ahead, I'd see the 40 something choir students who are coming to dinner tomorrow night...and I'm thinking that they are going to want themselves some food to eat.  And games to play.  And carols to sing.  

Yep.  I think they will.  It's tradition, after all.  


So tomorrow, this little 1200 sq. ft. house in the pretty little neighborhood by the pretty little lake will be bursting at the seams...quite literally as it is supposed to rain.

Pour, actually.

Ah well...what can you do?  

Cook!  Meatballs and sausage and pasta and salad and garlic bread and cocoa and cookies.  Oh my.

I went to bed early this 3am, and my body is reminding me that I am not 20-something any longer.  I woke up early, too...Alex had practice at 7:30am and Brian at 9am, so I dropped off one, came home and fed another, dropped him off, drove a group of high school boys to Carl's for a snack, sat and watched Brian's practice in the cold, loaded everyone up and came home and made scrambled eggs with roasted asparagus, sausage, and toast with homemade raspberry jam.


Not sure where the spurt of energy came from, but it quickly left and I went back to bed for 2 hours.

And now I feel like a truck hit me.


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  1. Over 40 people inside your house? Yikes. I think we fit 35 or so in our last house (about 1100 sq ft.) during the winter.


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