Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So here I sit, waiting for the termite man.

He is now 2 hours late.  I called and yes, he's on his way.  Soon.

That was an hour ago.

I could've gone to my nieces school musical.  I could've run to the post office to mail one last package.  I could've run to Restoration Hardware for one last little gift I need...and that I have a 50% off coupon for.

Instead, I've been waiting.

It's actually a really good day to be waiting.  The rain is pouring down and the thermometer is reading 44 degrees.  Four-four.  I'm thinking that is pretty close to snow weather!


So, I decided to make cookie dough...6 different kinds, and they are all wrapped up and waiting in the outside freezer.  I caught up on Lipstick Jungle (sick and wrong, but I love that show) and also planted red beets in Animal Crossing...which I now love in real life, too.  Beets...who would've thought?  Especially in a salad with goat cheese...mmmm.  I'm going to plant them this year in my garden.  Other than that, the laundry is pretty much caught up and I paid the electric bill...always a good thing when you want lights.  I am learning that new windows might make the bills go way down, but a bazillion strands of lights all over your house aren't exactly cost effective.

But it's Christmas.

Alex has a late practice and then M and the boys will head on campus for an Advent service.  I need to set up/take down the basketball snack bar (3 down, 6 to go) in the pouring rain.  Lovely.

Supper tonight for those home will be TJ's orange chicken, rice and veggie egg rolls.  I'll eat a cup of soup during my 45 minute break and a hot tea and pray for a little break in the rain during clean up time.


  1. Bleh...I don't like your weather any better than I like mine. We are expecting our third snowstorm in a little over a week. The last two came in the afternoon, so there wasn't any possibility of a snow day. However, my principal is already talking about the possibility of a snow day on Friday. Now THAT would be the way to start Christmas break! We were all standing around talking and speculating as to whether the kids would still be excited about a snow day if it also meant that there would be no classroom Christmas parties. It will be one or the other!

  2. Yeah if we get a snow day we can snuggle in bed. Oh wait, our children are home...


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