Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Crazy Busy

One day at a time.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Tonight I need to be in three places at once, where as last night I only needed to be in two places at once...that is, until my husband called me and needed me to bring something to his rehearsal (which never happens, btw) and upped my needing to be in two places at once to three places at once.


The good thing is that Brian only needs to be one place and it's Alex who needs to be in two places, so if Brian can go with my girlfriend and her son tonight then I am back to only needing to be in two places.

Easy, peasy, pumpkin pie.


My goals for this morning are to shower.  I guess that should say my goal for this morning IS to shower, but I always like to have more than one goal.  And taking a shower is at the top of the list.

I do need to start lugging all this junk upstairs to the attic because it is all in the way of my washing machine and that is not a very good thing.

We also have one area of one strand of Christmas lights on the house that needs to be replaced with a new strand of all working lights...don'tcha just hate when that happens? 

OK...scratch all that.  Showering is still happening but I am escaping to the movies this morning with a girlfriend. Can't refuse a movie invite via text message.


OH...and here is my ginormous 15 year old, just hanging around.  See?  You truly can do pull-up's anywhere!


  1. I'll gets much easier when you are down to only one child at home. We have a weekend booked with show choir gigs, and on Sunday Kate has one of two "adult" roles in the children's Christmas musical at church. (Her voice teacher is running the show.)It will be fun to watch her with all the little kids. It wasn't too long ago she was one of the little kids.


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