Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, Monday

The first of the summer radishes were picked today.


The newest craze in our house?

Garage band on the Mac.  It is pretty cool, though I wish I had the same warm fuzzy feelings about this machine as my boys do.  I have cried uncle;  my new computer and I will be sitting at the genius bar in the apple store on Wednesday, where some 18 year old boy-wonder will teach me how to find my mail and my pictures.  

And help me IM Holly.

I have very, very simple needs.

This morning Brian went to our neighborhood day camp with a few of his friends...they played a little tennis and then spent the rest of the time at the lagoon swimming and having water wars.  I thought he'd be tired, but the neighborhood was alive with excitement, so he came in to scarf down dinner (salmon...his favorite) and then back out again until dark.

The perfect summer day.

Matthew had practice from 12 - 9pm and is looking happier and happier each and every day.  Pretty cool.  

Alex is still working his way through the try-out process and it has become pretty stressful for him.  Tomorrow, he'll play in a game with the team and see how he (and a few others who are all vying for the same spot) fits.  We keep telling him that God has a plan...

This afternoon was spent with the electrician trying to figure out exactly where the new light switches should go.  Oh would be much easier if we just used candles.  


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  1. Light switches should be on the WALL, not the ceiling. :) though your boys might be tall enough to reach the ceiling, it's easier to have the switch on the wall.


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