Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Last weekend was a tournament weekend, which meant we spent lots of time sitting in gyms watching Alex play.

Way, way, way too fun.

He played amazingly well and is so fun to watch. We've got another tournament in Las Vegas at the end of the month and after that, well...it's a new chapter. More on that later!

Last night was Matthew's 'age out' from choir...the next 3 evenings are band concerts. Brian is performing in his school's musical all week and Alex has training sessions/practice almost every night, so we are just taking it hour by hour.

We've entered the 'June gloom' phase in our weather...it can take until noon for the marine layer to burn off, making for some chilly, damp mornings. By afternoon, it is sunny and warm..I love this time of year. My garden? Not so much...it wants heat!

My supper table will be full tonight, which is exactly how I like it. M and I are heading out to run errands this morning, including a look at the way over priced, yet gorgeous, 100 year old french farmhouse table. Way over priced. Way gorgeous. But way over priced. Yet way gorgeous.

I need a daisy so I can do the 'he loves me, he loves me not' thingy!



  1. So from the looks on there faces either they lost or they are REALLY BAD winners!

    We never heard about prom, has Matthew poped the question yet? :-p

  2. June gloom...I know...not my favorite. The ABQ fam is here and while at D-Land today, we were all alternating between sweatshirt, tank top...sun...then breeze...rinse and repeat. At least we know June gloom comes each year and it is predictable.


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