Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Graduation #1

It's official...we are now the parents of a high school graduate.


It was a fun, yet hot, day but it was an amazingly well organized event.  I actually have a cute little video, but my new computer (which I am not so sure I like is a definite lukewarm relationship going on over here) won't let me post it.  I'll chat with my free technical support (gotta love free technical support, Uncle Greg!) and get it worked out soon.  I hope.


Anyway, after graduation, we headed out to Maggiano's with the whole family to celebrate both Matthew's and Alex's (upcoming) graduations.
My boys...both starting new schools in the fall.
The babe of the family with his very, very grown-up palate.  How many 9 yr-olds love mussels?
The highlight of the night?  The present!  He was pretty excited!
Matthew left from dinner and headed out to grad night, which is a lock-in at the school that runs from 9pm - 5am.  The theme this year was Casino Royale and from what I've heard, was a really fun night.  He came home and crashed for a few hours and then went to drum corps from 2 - 9pm.  I'm not quite sure how he is holding up except to say that he is young!

Anyway Matthew...we're proud of you!  Keep dreaming big!


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