Thursday, June 5, 2008


I've been trying, unsuccessfully I might add, to upload the video of Matthew's performance last night.

He was a featured senior and stood front and center performing a solo on that trumpet that he likes so much.

And it was awesome.


(I must be his mom, right?)

Tonight is another set of concerts for Matthew and for all you basketball fans, the 1st game of the NBA finals. The Lakers are playing, though my basketball son is wearing green, so we are a divided house. There will be no training session tonight, thankyouverymuch, because this is an important event. It works out well for us...Alex can stay home and watch the game and Brian can stay home and watch Alex watch the game.

Quantity, not necessarily quality, childcare.

This morning we made a huge purchase...a beautiful new furnace and air conditioner. I should be thrilled...I mean, it's been awhile since ours have truly been working...but it cost more than our first car cost. Maybe even our 2nd car. Ugh.

OH, and the fact that I paid $4.38 for gas today. Good thing that new furnace is going to save me bucket loads of money, cuz I've got my buckets all ready and waiting.

Lunch today was with Josephine after my Meals on Wheels run. She went to the heart DR today, who told her that she's still 'ticking'. At almost 95...I think that's pretty good news.



  1. I bet Brian gets locked in a closet becaue he tires to talk through the ENITIRE game!

  2. Game? The only games that matter are Cubs games. They are STILL in 1st place - and it's June. This is the year for the World Series. Maybe you and Josephine should watch/listen to a few games together. It's AM720 in Chicago for radio.


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