Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This morning was a chocolate chip pancake morning.

Just because.

OK, maybe because I was a somewhat raving lunatic because I woke up to a dirty kitchen AGAIN after going to bed with a clean kitchen but two teenage boys decided to make a late night grilled cheese, quesadilla, corn dog feast and leave all their dirty dishes everywhere.

I am pretty sure it won't happen again, especially since I promised to forevermore run the washing machine on HOT while they are in the shower every morning for the rest of their lives.


I instantly felt better, but decided to win back my boys with pancakes.

It worked.

M and Matthew hopped in the car and drove a few towns over to a German club to watch Germany play soccer.  I've never been, but M describes it as beer, sausages, and many, many old german men laughing and talking.

Brian went and lost all his hair this morning...his choice.  After, we picked his friend up and went to Ruby's for lunch and browsed Barnes and Noble for an hour.  Heaven.  I even bought a book, which I never do, but after reading the 1st chapter there I couldn't put it down.
The boys helped me water my garden and each other.  Priceless.
So, we're now home for the afternoon.  Supper tonight is chicken and homemade pesto, which we'll hopefully eat outside on the patio.  I may take the boys up the street to the pool, but for now they are happily building a fort with every blanket we own.

Summer is officially here.



  1. I'll do you one better, last week I watched the Germany / Portugal soccer game in Germany at a local soccer club.

    As you described it was a tent with a wide screen TV and a lot of German's eating brats and drinking beer and wine.

    I of course drank iced tea! :-)

  2. Maybe you need to create and post some kitchen rules, like the bathroom rules.

    As for hot water, there's never enough around here. Matt and Andrew are forever arguing over who's hogging it all. But not this week, since they are at scout camp. Now I can hog all the hot water! (at least til Saturday when they all come back home with all the dirty laundry)


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