Thursday, June 26, 2008


Always, always a change of plans.

Last night, we started accumulating more and more children, 'Mom, can Jenn stay for dinner?', 'Mom!  Keke is going to stay for dinner, ok?' and 'Mom, please, please, please can Jack stay?' in a moment of weakness, M decided on Nick's.

The only downfall was that it was Hector's night off, but it's a tiny place and they all know us anyway, so it was a blast.  The fun part was watching other people try and figure out which kids belonged to us.

So, pizza's were at one end of the table and eggplant parm was on my end, which made everyone very, very happy.

And full.

Home to watch a show we had taped called Wipeout, which I am seriously thinking is one of the funniest shows ever.  EVER. If you know Alex at all, then watch the show with him in mind.

And say a prayer for us.

Alex is already off to practice and will be there pretty much all day.  Matthew has drum corps at noon until 9pm in a town far, far away and M has to go in to work for the day.  He's hiring a new accompanist and the 1st of the interviews are this afternoon.  Brian and I are going to do Meals on Wheels and then have lunch with Josephine.  

I am pretty sure we could eat an entire meals worth of stuff off the floors, so that is my big plan for today and yes, we will be eating supper at home tonight...friends or no friends.  No matter what.


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