Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Random Stuff

This morning, M had to take his car in for it's 1st check-up.  Apparently, it got a clean bill of health except for one minor thing.

See that gunk?

Rat droppings.

Yep.  One more time.

Rat droppings.

All together now....ewwwwww!!!!!

Not only that, but on top of the rat droppings were a bunch (like a dozen) snails, which were eating the rat droppings.

Oh my.

The guys at the service place were so impressed that they had M come on back and look.  My question?

Where do the rats go when they are not in his car?


OK, on to some more ick.  Matthew's tan line, and summer has just begun.

Today a big hunk of steel was delivered and is currently relieving my dishpan hands.  I am thankful.
Alex played a game today, so M went to that.  Matthew is at practice until 9pm.  Brian stayed home from camp and has been outside all day,  giggling and hanging from trees.

I have stayed home all day long.  I've got ribs baking in the oven...M will throw them on the grill when he gets home.  Not sure what we'll have with them...Alex loves baked beans but after the last time I served them, his brothers started a petition that we must never feed Alex beans again.

For real.



  1. Yet another great blog...you had me at bean petition!

  2. Maybe we should get Alex and my Matt together. Matt came home from scout camp after eating beans. It was time to evacuate the room!


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