Thursday, July 24, 2008


Still here.

In the dust.

We now have electricity in the whole house, as well as a lovely view of the underside of our roof from basically anywhere you stand in the family room or kitchen.

Which is a real treat.  

Cuz I've always wanted to see the underside of the roof from my couch.


Let's see...what else is new?

Matthew is in Atlanta for the next 2 days.  He says simply, "It's hot."  I asked if he cared to elaborate and there was no response.  

Summer basketball comes to a close tomorrow afternoon with a scrimmage between the frosh/soph and the JV teams.  Should be fun in a sick 'beat them by 50 points' kind of way, but the coaches seem to think it will be an important life lesson.  

Brian has been at camp this week, but we are all playing hooky tomorrow.  Just because.  We'll go to the game and then he is treating me to the movie Wall-E.  

M has been working tons and has a new best friend...Mendelssohn.   Looks like I better get used to him, too, cuz he is already invading my territory.

 And it is only July.  



  1. How needs to look at the roof? Cut a hole in the roof, and you'll be able to see the sun and sky from your couch!

  2. Mike and I just heard Sarah Chang play one of Mendelssohn's violin concertos at Ravinia on Wednesday night. It was incredibly your Mike has picked a lovely mistress for his new school year.

  3. Yeah but Mendelssohn is a guy, what does that say about Mike?


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