Saturday, July 26, 2008

Today's Pick

Makes me so happy.


Let's see...what is there to share today.

Ahhhh...random pictures from the other night.  Sophie and Logan cooking for the rather gigantic Alex.  Check out Logan in his apron.

A rather blurry, but amazingly adorable Maddie.  Yes, I am a proud auntie.
Logan.  3rd child.  Thirsty.
What're you gonna do?  Drink the pool, of course.
This poor child.  I'm tellin ya...until recently, he had great parents.  Now?

Ummm...not so much.

We are heading back there today for Sophie's birthday party.  It'll get us away from here, the dust pit, for the afternoon and let us have some fun.  I've been told that the painting, which is being handled by the 'there's no way I am paying someone to paint a wall' me, who is now wishing I had hired someone to paint the walls, can begin tonight.

I love long sentences.

And I love yellow paint, so I am ready.


For the Matthew in Atlanta tonight,  Jacksonville, Alabama tomorrow, and Salem, Virginia on Monday.  Pray for safe travels, please!


  1. The third child is just a back up child in case one of the older ones really ticks you off and you sell it on e-bay. Until that time it just has to make do with the scraps thrown to it.

  2. 3rd child? Wait until the 4th child. You drop him off at a friend's house, and forget he's there (until you notice he's not coming to dinner and you've called downstairs twice).

  3. Oh my gosh, those are some of the best pics of seen of the Busch kids in a long time. Simply beautiful. I'm happy to be an add on to this fine family of ours. :)

  4. Xerxes, you should have a 3rd child to find out what it's like. You only have 2 kids, and that' not enough.

    Ingrid, do you really want to be an add on to a family like this? Has Michele told you about all the strange relatives?


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