Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Packed and on his way.

His drum and bugle corps travels with 4 buses and 2 full semi' just for equipment and one is a complete kitchen. In the next month, they'll drive, practice, sleep on gym floors, and perform in 12 different states, traveling roughly 10,000 miles...beginning with a show tomorrow night somewhere in Texas.

This year, we subscribed to watch all his shows live online, so we'll be cheering him on from home.

He was ready to go.

I miss him already.


  1. Just wait until all three of them are gone for the summer. I'll have to admit that I'm enjoying my empty nest, if only for the summer. Mike and I will be having lots of picnic suppers on the lawn at Ravinia, the summer home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Last night we picnicked and listened to Mahler's Sixth, and next week is Mahler's Seventh and Eighth. Chanticleer the following week, anyone?

  2. One gone, which means more food for the other boys. PLUS.... more hot water for the others to hog.


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