Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Summer Fun

Brian and his friends at the pool this afternoon...boys are so silly.


Supper tonight, after arriving home at 6:00pm from a basketball game (no pictures...they didn't play so well) was spaghetti carbonara. M and I lived on this when we were 1st married cuz it is quick to throw together and more importantly, cheap to make. And then I got pregnant. And then I had all day sickness. And then I decided to never eat spaghetti carbonara again.

Fast forward almost 19 years and it was fine...my family LOVED it, so I'll make it again. On a day when I've had a big late lunch.


After, M and I sat outside in the perfect coolness of the night, eating italian biscotti and drinking italian ameretto, talking about running away to the italian countryside.


Matthew just started his laundry and will then need to pack. Pack for almost a month away...and not the kind of trip where you can run to the store if you forget something. BUT, this is his 4th summer doing this and he says he has it handled, so I am trusting...though if the $30.00 marching shoes that we had to pay $50.00 to ship here overnight don't arrive by 10:30 tomorrow morning, he will be slightly stressed.

As of right now, they are still in Phoenix.


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