Friday, February 15, 2008


It's that time of year!


Our town is known for it's strawberries...YUM!

There are just a couple left...I had grand plans for a beautiful strawberry cake and strawberries on my pancakes tomorrow morning. Or even just a big bowl of them.

Should've bought them earlier in the day and hidden them.

My new favorite...a flirtini.

This morning I went on another long hike with a friend and then out to breakfast. Kind of defeats the purpose of the hike, doesn't it? We split breakfast, though, so I guess it's ok.

See...I can justify just about anything.

We sat and watched all the videos of the faculty doing their singing valentine's on campus yesterday...priceless. Youtube is amazing...I now know that most of our friends cannot carry a tune.


Supper tonight was Linguine fav and one of the only things my middle son doesn't like. He had practice, came home long enough to shower and eat a bowl of cereal and is now at a dance. M is at a concert, Matthew and Jen are here watching a movie, and I am 'watching' the SpongeBob movie with Brian. (I'm in the same room...does that count?) Tomorrow we'll hit Costco for a big shopping trip and other than that, we have nothing on the books. For the most part, that is. Matthew has drum corps from 9am - we go again!


  1. Life isn't fair. You get fresh picked strawberries (not picked green and shipped to the stores). We get more ice/sleet/snow in the forecast this weekend. At least the sun is out right now!

  2. Shouldn't you have been in the same room with Matthew and THAT woman?


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