Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Field Trip

Mission San Juan Capistrano. My 3rd and final time with the 4th grade.

Palm trees on a perfectly sunny day.

My group. A really, really nice group. They always give me the rowdy boys..I wonder why, but this time I had all the ones who like to listen and learn. A refreshing change.

I was so tempted to pick one! We have room for one more fruit tree in the backyard, but I am still leaning towards figs. Or olives. Oranges would be nice, though.


I think I am going to sneak in a little nap!



  1. How come Brian looks annoyed at being with a group of girls?

    That looks like great odds to me!

    Did you see any swallows?

  2. Brian doesn't look annoyed. In many of the photos, I see Michele in him.

    We have sun here, too. But plenty of that white stuff on the ground.

  3. Yeah but in most photos of Michele she looks annoyed as well! :-p


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