Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The house is quiet.

And I am all alone.

It was a fun, but LOUD weekend. Emphasis on LOUD.

Matthew spent Sunday playing paintball...probably one of the last times with this group of high school friends. After drum corps on Saturday and paintball on Sunday, he was moving rather slow yesterday, but had a smile all day.

I like that.

He eliminated a college this weekend, simply because of the dorm life. His decision, not ours, but one that I am thankful for. This school has only apartment living with no cafeteria/meal plan and that would make things more complicated.

Alex had this past weekend off from basketball; however, we'll pay for it now. The next month is loaded with games, so we'll be on the road. A lot. Fingers crossed that they make it to Nationals...his team won (as the under dogs, too!) last year. Same team, but no longer the under dogs, so the pressure is on.

Brian had more friends over, in, under, and at our house this weekend than I can count. Actually, I am pretty sure that almost every male within a 1 mile radius between the ages of 9 - 17 walked through our front door at some point yesterday.

They either ate, used the bathroom (don't EVEN get me started on that one!!!!), tossed a ball, chased a cat, and/or watched some sort of show on TV. Loudly.

A few of M's students stopped on by, too and had tea. And cookies. Which they made. Yummy! It's that homesick time of year and I always welcome a little girl talk in the middle of boy talk.

M himself had a long day of work yesterday. Lots going on and he is one tired guy. Next week is Spring Break and he'll be on the road for most of it, but then he'll get a few days off. He needs it...

I am off into the drizzle to run a few errands...no driving for me tonight and I am pretty sure everyone is home. Supper will be something with the pork chops that are thawing, as well as an eggplant that is begging to be used.

And I'm thinking we need more cookies...



  1. I never got an appartment in college because I didn't want to cook, clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom and live with other guy's messes!

    Dorm life in my mind was MUCH simplier!

  2. Which school did he eliminate??


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