Friday, February 22, 2008

All Done

It is finished.

And by finished, I mean the attic. The attic is clean. Very clean...or actually, a better word would be organized. Need to find anything? No problem...everything is either on a shelf or in a clear bin on the floor.

If you've ever been in our attic you know what a big deal this is. It's the little things...but it makes me incredibly happy.


Last night's supper was a big ole' slab of grilled beef with some sweet potato fries and roasted asparagus alongside. Not a bite was left!

Not sure you can see this, but Alex added his own extra line on the wall. The high heels he's talking about are mine, though they did look good with his skinny ankles.

Today was a blur. It's been raining on and off and that meant that I was once again stuck in the gym. On an elliptical machine, which would be much more fun if I could sit in a chair next to it and watch the TV's.

I then met a girlfriend for lunch, managing to squeeze in all of my errands beforehand. I had the best butternut squash soup...I have got to try and make that at home. I'm definitely a squash-y, pumpkin-y kind of gal.

I just dropped off the middle boys at basketball, but not until they raided the fridge. Chef Alex made quesadilla after quesadilla...I am thankful for Costco! Matthew is at a choir festival somewhere far away, so he won't be home until late, late tonight. Brian has a group of friends over and they are playing MarioKart...can you hear them? Loud is an understatement! M left today for almost a week on tour with his choir, busing to some exotic location. Is Arizona exotic? He'll come home in time to turn around and leave for yet another conference, though he told me last night he might ditch. (please, please, please, she says under her breath) I already miss him...

We're having a gourmet supper of messy guiseppes. Basically sloppy joes but made the Italian way. My boys love husband does not. In fact, he's missing lots of gourmet wonders this coming week.


After supper, I am going to take a hot bath with a hot cup of tea and then watch a movie with the boys. It's a Sandlot kind of night, I think!

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  1. Okay, you have one running around in high heels and one dressing up as a cheer leader. Well at least Matthew appears to be interested in girls...


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