Friday, February 1, 2008


This morning, Brian had his very 1st vioin concert. I honestly believe that Jingle Bells never, ever sounded so good.

M went back to work this morning and after an hour came home. He is still feeling awful. Poor guy.

I met up with Kath at a local park and we went on a hike...a short hike. Except we took a wrong turn and it became a 5 mile hike! It was so worth it...we had a lot to catch up on and the time flew by. We've decided to do this same hike twice a week since we usually meet up for coffee anyway.

The big, big hill near the end.

The view at the top was worth it! See the lake? We went all the way around it!

Lots of pretty bridges going over the stream.

After, I picked up Alex's new million dollar contacts, bagels for breakfast tomorrow and cat litter. Can't live without cat litter. I used to feel that way about good wine.

This afternoon is a crazy driving day, but in a few minutes I will make a huge pot of spaghetti 'gravy' and meatballs for supper tonight. We will hopefully watch Lost from last night...why we keep watching that show I'm not sure. Probably cuz I like Sawyer. =0)


  1. In that photo of Brian, he looks like you!

    Is that hill near your house? We have a sledding hill the other side of town. It should be busy tomorrow since we got about 7 inches of snow last night. They didn't cancel school for us, though.

  2. I am surprised to see people wearing shoes in the picture of Brian.


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