Friday, April 18, 2008

Up A Tree

I know I've talked alot about my neighborhood and what it means to me. And if you don't know me very well and don't know my neighborhood, you might think I am making it up.

But I'm not.

It's just a really, really special place.

Anyway, last night we had a little excitement, and it all started with me being a weirdo stalker.


My neighbor Ann is the big kahuna of gardeners. Because of her, I am now a gardener though I am still a little kahuna gardener compared to her. For the past month, she's had some mighty suspicious looking fluorescent lights in her kitchen window.

With plants growing underneath.

She claims they are herbs and tomatoes. Claims, being the key word. She did grow up in the 70's you know.

So I just had to get a picture. After, I did knock on her door to tell her that I was just documenting her...ummmm...plant growing techniques.

As I was walking home, out ran their normally slow moving dog, Winston, chasing my not so slow moving cat.

See her way up in the tree?

Out runs Ann, racing by me. Dressed very nicely, I might add.
Winston was hungry for cat.

Mollie wasn't going anywhere!

Nate to the rescue!

And then it turned into the 'after dinner social hour'.

Sheila and Hannah...sweet, sweet, sweet!


After all the excitement, Mollie came down from the tree and took a long nap!


  1. PEPPERS, and EGGPLANT, and TOMATOES. Really. No herb, or herbs. I promise.

  2. Maybe the dog got into the "herbs".

    Just remember you have never seen a cat skeleton in a tree, they eventually do come down.


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