Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lessons Learned

Just today, I learned:

  1. That Spring Break with teenagers turns into sleepovers in the blink of an eye...and that they will actually sleep when they get tired. Sprawled out all over the family room, they don't mind curling up and watching movies with the parental unit.

  2. The above mentioned teenagers will sleep through a younger brothers door slamming, an older brother who comes home late, the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher, cats, telephones ringing, and the gardeners out front.

  3. They will awake at the smell of pancakes and bacon. Happily.

  4. While only my city (supposedly) is on Spring Break, 3/4 of my city will show up to California Adventure today. Plus all their relatives.

5. CA Adventure with two 9 yr olds is exhausting. Especially if the mom is breaking in really, really cute...though thoroughly impractical new flip flops.

6. There is one child, and only one, who talks more than my very own 9 yr old. And he was with us today.

7. Those two 9 yr olds can cover every ride in the park twice and still feel the need to park hop over to Disneyland. Read #5 for info on the Mom.

8. God conversations with strangers happen anywhere....especially in the long line waiting for Soaring Over California.

9. The youngest child will refer to the above mentioned ride as 'social studies class'. OH MY...that truly cracked me up.

10. The middle child and his friends will give you HILARIOUS phone calls from the other park just because. No reason. Just because.

11. An 18 year old still needs his mom when he comes down with the flu. And isn't afraid to call her a bazillion times during the day. His girlfriend had the flu last week...hmmm.

12. How well I married. After arriving home at 6:30pm, he happily took me to Nick's for some time away. And spend 3 hours there, sipping wine and talking with friends. Even when he is tired.

13. He will take time out from 'grown-up' time to talk to his middle son on the phone and share in the woes of the LA Lakers. Cuz it is important. And search the internet on his phone for TrailBlazers stats. Cuz it is important. I'm tellin' ya...Dad of the year.

14. A hot bath fixes almost everything. Especially the sore feet from #5.

15. That if you call or visit tomorrow, I will be in my PJ's. All day. Come for a visit...I will be home. All day. With not an ounce of guilt.


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