Friday, April 18, 2008


It all began with a very sweet email last night. Matthew left on choir tour yesterday...they'll be singing up north in Palo Alto and San Francisco, plus doing the all important things like going to Great America and Alcatraz.

Now the email, like I said, was from my father-in-law and it basically said something to the effect of 'it's cold up here and Matthew will need a jacket. Love, Dad. '

Does he have a jacket? I dunno. This has been one of those non-speaking, extreme muttering weeks in our house. All I know is this child, I mean man, alternates between grabbing things from his bedroom and his car. It's actually quite humorous...the door to his cave opens, he walks straight by us and out to his car, grabs whatever he needs and goes back to his cave. I even asked a few nights ago if he showered out there, which by the loving look I received meant 'no'.

Does he have a jacket? I dunno...I still don't have an itinerary. I know he's on a bus, but at this writing, I have no idea when he is coming home. Never mind that I wrote the check for this vacation, I mean tour, which means that I should at least know where he is vacationing. I mean touring. However, the itinerary never quite made it home to me.

So, this morning I texted him...which by the way is one of the greatest inventions of all time, because you can't mutter in a text have to actually type a WORD. So I texted and asked if he had a jacket...that SF is cold.

His response?

'I'll be fine. I can always call Grandma.'

OK...this made me laugh so hard. In fact, I have tears streaming down my face, I am laughing so hard. His brain is telling him that his grandparents might just drive an HOUR (one way) to SF, where he'll be sitting on a corner of Fisherman's Wharf shivering until they arrive. Because he called.

I responded with a very simple text back.


Does he have a jacket? I dunno. But he does have a plan.



  1. Ok, I have tears from laughter at this post. Too flipping funny!

  2. His car looks like the inside of my car!

    Teenagers have know idea how irrational they are and are. I think it's God's way of entertaining us, after all if we are going to dump all this money their way then we might as well be entertained!

    Kate got her license today!

  3. Kate got her license!!!!!!! I'm going to stay off the roads now. I better warn my husband, who drives through your town to stay away from there. My kids will be scared if Kate's driving. (they think she talks too much and won't pay attention!)

    Our excitement was the "massive" 5.2 earthquake this morning. I slept through it and missed it.

  4. Andrew says your son is a slob for leaving his car like that. (Andrew is neat, unlike his slobby sister!)


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