Friday, April 4, 2008


...and I am alone.



I actually woke up early this morning...5:30am, made a quick hot tea, grabbed an afghan and did my bible study in the quiet of the backyard. Not even the birds were out was so perfectly still.

The boys all have a 1/2 day of school today...our spring break is this coming week. Matthew has an afternoon rehearsal, Alex is going to lunch before practice at 3pm, and Brian is going to a friends house.

And me?

I have an itty bitty meeting at 10 and then....and then...and then...

I'm going on a date.

I convinced that guy that I like so much, the guy who has been up to his eyeballs in Bach scores day AND night, to take the afternoon off. And take me out. So, we'll head to the beach and somewhere for lunch. It's a wonderfully dreary, cold, cloudy day!

Bach is NOT invited along.


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