Monday, January 31, 2011

Lunch On The Go

That guy that I like so much is totally into the food truck scene here in's not uncommon to get a text from him asking if I want to meet him for lunch.

Sometimes, if I ask nicely enough, he'll even pick me up.


The whole food truck thing is kinda crazy...people follow them on facebook (guilty) and twitter (no thank you) or simply by stalking their websites (guilty again) to find out where they'll be and when and then they flock to that location.

In the beginning (last summer) it was usually one truck at a spot, but now they have 'fairs' where a bunch (as in 8-10) trucks meet up in a parking lot.

Which not only means lots and lots of choices but lots and lots of people.

The craziest thing is that we are talking about amazing food for amazingly cheap that until recently you would never think could come out of a truck.

But it does. And it makes us happy.


We tried two new trucks this week...The Fresh Fries Truck and Crepes Bonaparte (from The Great Food Truck Race), mainly because between the two of us we only had like $1.85 in cash and lots of the trucks don't take cards.


We know better.

First up...sweet potato fries topped with hummus.


I am still speechless...aside from saying that they were perfect.


We then shared a lunch special from crepes bonaparte...a chicken, blue cheese, spinach and raspberry vinaigrette crepe (sounds weird...but it was yummy!) and a lemon sugar crepe.

Totally fun to watch them cook in their little bow ties, too.

Then that guy that I like so much dropped me back off at home and drove off into the sunshine, to go back to work.

I supposedly went back to work too, but in reality I didn't.

I took a nap.

But don't tell, ok?


Saturday, January 29, 2011


Saturday morning, the one morning of the week where I don't have to be out of bed at 6:00am and you guessed it...I was awake at 6:00am.

Just me and my cat.

(ok...even she was sleeping. sigh.)


Together, my cat and I watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show (yes, I admit it. I watch. Even worse? I like.) and caught up on Big Love.

Quality television at it's best.


Bodies of males slowly started to wake up and breakfast was made...eggs scrambled two ways: one pan with sausage and ham and cheddar, another with sausage, peppers, onions, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and a dollop of pesto.

One pan exciting. Another not.

Both yummy, nonetheless.


The two younger boys (just learned my oldest is in Arizona for the weekend...this college thing still takes getting used to. Matteo, update your facebook and make your mama happy!!) went out to play basketball and that guy that I like so much tackled the backyard.

(Me? I took pictures. Cleaned the kitchen. Made a bracelet. Brushed my teeth.)

Let's see...cup o' noodles? Check. Punching bag? Check. Skateboard? Check. Lots of other junk? Check!

First up...the top of the lemon tree walked away.

See ya!

She does look much happier after her haircut, doesn't she?

I was tempted to plant some tomatoes's been in the high 70's (sorry, Chicago peeps...send me some snow!) and even the low 80's, but I am sure winter is not done with us.

But I am still tempted.

As for the rest of today...a trip to Trader Joe's is necessary (we. need. wine.) and I need to figure out dinner. Yesterday I took out a big package of stew meat and put it in the sink to thaw for a bit...and left it there all night long.


So plan B...who knows.

Want to invite us over?


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hanging Out

The youngest shrub was up most of the night last night, achy and feverish. Poor baby. We're hanging out at home today...we've already watched 3 movies and made deviled eggs. Next up...naps.

He's 12 and is back to the age where a nap is not the end of the world.



Not too far from my little house (like 3 miles away) is the most wonderful's a golf course with a charming club house nestled into the foothills. The driveway is divine...long and windy and makes you feel like you never want it to end.

But if it never ended you would never reach the clubhouse with the bestest ever big's my favorite 'I need to pretend I live in Georgia' lunch spot.

It's definitely winter here, yes the temps are in the 70's but the hills are brown and barren, but it's still so pretty.

The neighborhood gals and I met up there yesterday for a long, leisurely, relaxing, grown-up lunch.

We laughed and talked and drooled over my neighbor's pictures of her trip to Africa ( incredible!!!) and just hung out in the sunshine.

I heart my neighbors.


I also LOVE this salad and can honestly say that it is my very favorite salad in the whole wide world...a grilled chicken waldorf salad, but what I love most about it is that it is that everything is separate. And the fact that they grow their own strawberries.

I could seriously eat this every single day of my life.

I am actually tempted to order one to go and swing by and pick it up, but seeing as I am still in my pj's with Brian it's not going to happen.

Oh well.

Cup o'noodles anyone?


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting Back To Normal

Yesterday the kink in my neck and I walked into the chiropractors office.

We'd been together (the kink and I) for a week or so and I was feeling like it was time to end our relationship.

My chiropractor took one look at me and sent me in for a massage. Now chiropractic massages are not like spa massages, meaning there are no sweet smelling candles or ocean wave music or silky lotions...just a plain room and a woman with cement blocks for fists.

But she persuaded my kink to leave.


Last weekend was my nieces 1st birthday party and let me tell you, my sister-in-law Joanna throws the BEST theme parties. Plus, she makes super cute kids. And fun blue margaritas.

And (sigh) are awesome. You even inspired me to go jogging.

(ok, so I didn't really go jogging. But I thought about jogging, which is as close to jogging as I've come in a long, long time.)


Saturday, January 22, 2011


Sometimes, you just need to cry 'uncle'.

I cried 'uncle' this week...which didn't work because everything kept piling up and getting worse and worse, but I did have a moment of peace and healing.

It was a small moment and it involved the most lovely bowl of oatmeal, sprinkled with bananas and dried cranberries and granola and honey.

My mother-in-law had a major stroke on Sunday and spent a few days in ICU and is now in a rehab facility relearning how to do all the simple things we all take for granted.

She's a strong one, my mother-in-law, and I have no doubt she is giving everyone a run for their money.

I like that.


I've spent some time wondering if I should have been a Tiger Mom vs a Western Mom this week, being that I am being tested in my parenting abilities, but then I realize that if I were a tiger mom I would never hear the beautiful sounds of my oldest playing trumpet (because he would only play the piano or violin) or see the swoosh of my middle son as he sinks a 3 pointer (no sports) or the laughter of my youngest as he plays outside with his friends (no play dates).

But then I wouldn't be dealing with a spirited child either...right?

I realize there has to be a happy medium, but right now I am tired and thinking a tiger mom should come take over for me for a little while so I can go to the spa.


I am being named in a discrimination lawsuit at work and my feelings are hurt. It's kind of the icing on the cake of this week. is now the weekend and time to regroup.

Refocus my energies on the important stuff that happen within the walls of this little house on this little street. Take a few pictures. Cook a little food. Hang with my boys. Walk around our little lake. Pray. Bask in the sunshine. Celebrate my nieces 1st birthday.

All good stuff.


How was your week?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not Easy

Tonight, this is what I am doing...eating nachos while watching the Biggest Loser.

Except I've eaten the nachos (and the chocolate, but I'm too embarrassed to admit that) and now have a laptop in my lap.

Burning calories typing.

This week has been icky.

One of the boys that lives here got busted big time, is grounded and hates me. Last time I checked, I'm not paid to be liked. But still.

And then I confided in a friend who has children who have never sinned. Not even once. Never. Ever.


So then I moved on to the friends who know and love me (and my boy) and that helped.

The chocolate and nachos helped, too.

I wish there was a way for him to understand that I am not a 'fair weather fan'....that a mum's love doesn't come and go. It stays and stays and never waivers. But alas, that doesn't happen till they get older I suppose.

And Mom...sorry for everything I put you through. Took a while, but I get it now.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Breaking News

I need to interrupt your weekend to share something important.

Last night we had a burger-fest in our little house.

Gourmet burger fest.

I have now eaten something I said I would never eat, thanks to the convincing of my 17 year old son.

And he's was. AMAZING.

Here's the scoop: Have someone grill a burger. Top it with fresh mozzarella, a dollop of pesto, a slice of tomato and a FRIED (overeasypeasy) EGG.

No kidding.

Does it sound disgusting to you? It did to me, too, but I tried it and wept.

And to go with it...sangria.

Because seriously, what else do you drink on a 78 degree day in January?

That's it...just thought I'd share.

Back to the Golden Globes.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm Here


I am.


This week in review:

A new plant with a name that is way too similar to a disease no one ever wants to talk about. I keep saying the wrong name at inopportune times when describing that guy that I like so much driving "blank" home in his convertible.

And then I laugh because it's awkward.

All filing, shredding, organizing of paperwork for 2010 is complete. It wasn't very fun and while I did find Matthew's passport, I still have not located his birth certificate.

Sorry, Matteo. I ordered one from your home state of birth and it's on its way.

Even though it is basketball season, I cooked some and fed some...things like homemade tomato bread soup and a pot roast and risotto and an easy pasta with asparagus and prosciutto.

So no one went hungry.


There was a nice breakfast out with that guy that I like so much at our favorite breakfast spot...the one that has a fireplace AND a buy one get one weekly coupon, where I ate my very favorite granola pancakes.

In November I was asked by a friend to donate a slew of necklaces for goody bags for a big Hollywood was for a charity I love so without a second thought sent them on their way.

This week I got a big order from someone whose movies I watch all. the. time. and whose husbands movies I watch all. the. time.

I am jeweler to the stars.


And on a side note...these are my new favs. One word, plus your favorite verse:

Let's see....what else this week?

  • The ugly: basketball for my middle and questioning so many things.

  • The beautiful: his reply to my text message vent. "mom, this is all part of my story. God has a plan." He listens. All these years, he's listened. Now I need to.

  • The strange: I held a donut/coffee hour for my crossing guards. Let's just say that some eclectic people choose to work as crossing guards.

  • The thankful: an SOS call to one of my BFF's at a moment when I thought I might fall apart. I am blessed in the friend department.

  • The warm: January in SoCal...77 degrees. My toes are screaming in happiness.

  • The cats: perfect. In case you were wondering.

  • The boys: Matthew is home, but moving back to dormland this weekend. I love having him here. Sigh. Alex...see above. Brian? Sweet. Cute. Talkative. Nothing new there. =0)

  • That guy that I like so much: somewhat stressed. Poor guy. Not a smooth end to break, thanks to work stuff.

  • The fun: an impromptu lunch with a friend that included gorgonzola rigatoni AND tapenade:

Plans for this weekend include a Saturday with absolutely nothing planned except an evening under the outside heater in the backyard while sipping the very last of the carried home from Italy limoncello.

(that's a looong sentence!)


What are your weekend plans?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Picture A Day

I wanted to try and take a picture a day for the whole year...cheers to making it one week!


1. toasting the New Year. 2.boys + an iPad = lots of fun. 3. pouring rain on my 1st day back to work. 4. On Tuesday I sold 18 of this very same necklace to 12 different people in 8 different states. 5. bye bye Christmas decor. 6. gas is out of control expensive. 7. peanuts in a bucket at a fun lunch spot.
Care to join me in this venture?


Friday, January 7, 2011

The First week Of The Year

All the Christmas decorations have been taken down and our little house seems so empty.

And clean.

But technically it's not clean clean, just bare. I actually took everything off the walls with the idea of mixing things up a bit and after playing around for hours, hung it all back up in the exact same places they were before.


There was a knock on our door the other day and a woman I didn't know handed me a box of homemade cream puffs.


Turns out they were from our dentist for referring someone to his practice.

Cream puffs? From the dentist? In January?

(we ate them all, btw. sigh.)

While gorging on cream puffs I decided to go out on a limb and fry up some meatballs in olive oil, which were later drenched in gravy (that's spaghetti sauce for some people) and covered in a mountain of cheese and baked.

Low cal in So cal.

In January.


Thursday brought lunch out with that guy that I like so much....probably the best hot dog on the planet.

Yellow mustard, sweet relish, tomatoes, peppers (I picked them off...sorry) and a big dill pickle.


What are gas prices in your neck of the woods?

Out of control here. Somebody tell me it's going to get better?
I'm continuing the' clean out something around the house every day' thing today...though I have yet to decide what that will be. For right now I am too busy watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...priorities, priorities.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back To Reality

For some reason our journey back into real life hasn't exactly been smooth.

We're all in shock around here.

School? Well, school comes early in the morning and we are out of practice with the whole 'early to bed, early to rise' scenario.

Work? Well, work starts early in the morning, too...and I'm finding it's totally hard to climb out of bed while that guy that I like so much is still snuggled up under the covers.


And it didn't help that Monday morning was COLD and rainy.

And it hasn't helped that everyone has homework. And practices. And games.

And I kinda sorta forgot to do laundry, so my boys are the ones in the smelly clothes.

Double sigh.

The good?

My sister-in-law cooked for us on the last night of vacation and all we contributed were our empty stomachs.


The cousins hung out and made noise. They're good at that.
And then we played a wild game of Uno, family against family.

Not to brag or anything, but my family won.

Tomorrow I need to do laundry.

Groceries would be nice, too.

I also have a bunch of jewelry orders to finish and a house with sticky floors and a facebook scrabble game to play.

Tomorrow...because tonight I am sitting on the couch watching a movie and eating apple dumplings a neighbor brought over.

Tonight I am pretending we are still on vacation.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!


I am finding it hard to believe that another whole year has come and gone...more than anything, I am humbled at how short our time here on earth truly is.


But rather than dwell on that, it's time to look forward to this coming year and all that it will bring.

New Years Eve brought a wonderfully quiet evening...Italian food and movies and pajamas (and prayers for my older two who were out with friends this year) all inside our little house on our little street with our (not so) littlest boy.

A few minutes before midnight we wandered down to the grassy hill and met up with the neighbors and while I did throw a jacket on, I was still in my pajamas.

We counted down with Dick Clark, toasted in 2011, laughed and kissed and then wandered back down to our little warm house and settled in for the night.

The next few days we hibernated and it was the most glorious vacation I think I've ever had. We ate all the leftover food that had to be eaten and watched movies and took naps and only got dressed in the evenings when friends began knocking on the door to come in and play cards or sit and chat under the heater in the backyard.

I didn't want it to end.


I also spent some time deciding on what my verse would be for the coming year and finally decided on Phillipians 4:6, which says:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

I actually like all of Phil 4: 4-9...but settled on vs. 4 because I often seem to find myself overwhelmed and trying to handle it all and feeling anxious.

Very, very anxious.

And when I get anxious, I forget about going to God with thanksgiving...and instead enter what I call the 'pleading zone' with God.

So for this new year, I am finding I need a reminder to pray for the good AND for the bad. And to lift every single situation to God as a forethought instead of as an afterthought.

I might need a reminder here and there.


So cheers, my friends...Happy New Year!

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