Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm Here


I am.


This week in review:

A new plant with a name that is way too similar to a disease no one ever wants to talk about. I keep saying the wrong name at inopportune times when describing that guy that I like so much driving "blank" home in his convertible.

And then I laugh because it's awkward.

All filing, shredding, organizing of paperwork for 2010 is complete. It wasn't very fun and while I did find Matthew's passport, I still have not located his birth certificate.

Sorry, Matteo. I ordered one from your home state of birth and it's on its way.

Even though it is basketball season, I cooked some and fed some...things like homemade tomato bread soup and a pot roast and risotto and an easy pasta with asparagus and prosciutto.

So no one went hungry.


There was a nice breakfast out with that guy that I like so much at our favorite breakfast spot...the one that has a fireplace AND a buy one get one weekly coupon, where I ate my very favorite granola pancakes.

In November I was asked by a friend to donate a slew of necklaces for goody bags for a big Hollywood was for a charity I love so without a second thought sent them on their way.

This week I got a big order from someone whose movies I watch all. the. time. and whose husbands movies I watch all. the. time.

I am jeweler to the stars.


And on a side note...these are my new favs. One word, plus your favorite verse:

Let's see....what else this week?

  • The ugly: basketball for my middle and questioning so many things.

  • The beautiful: his reply to my text message vent. "mom, this is all part of my story. God has a plan." He listens. All these years, he's listened. Now I need to.

  • The strange: I held a donut/coffee hour for my crossing guards. Let's just say that some eclectic people choose to work as crossing guards.

  • The thankful: an SOS call to one of my BFF's at a moment when I thought I might fall apart. I am blessed in the friend department.

  • The warm: January in SoCal...77 degrees. My toes are screaming in happiness.

  • The cats: perfect. In case you were wondering.

  • The boys: Matthew is home, but moving back to dormland this weekend. I love having him here. Sigh. Alex...see above. Brian? Sweet. Cute. Talkative. Nothing new there. =0)

  • That guy that I like so much: somewhat stressed. Poor guy. Not a smooth end to break, thanks to work stuff.

  • The fun: an impromptu lunch with a friend that included gorgonzola rigatoni AND tapenade:

Plans for this weekend include a Saturday with absolutely nothing planned except an evening under the outside heater in the backyard while sipping the very last of the carried home from Italy limoncello.

(that's a looong sentence!)


What are your weekend plans?


  1. Finally a blog! I was beginning to worry! We are also experiencing spring-like weather. It's still too wet to work outside, but with no rain in the forecast for the next week, we just might be able to do our 'fall clean-up'!!! Love to all the boys and you too :-) Keep on blogging...

  2. You didn't write anything on that order that would totally embarrass our family?????

  3. My wkend plans...unexpectedly getting to see "Team Busch" and experiencing people that are near and dear to my heart that I normally see via FB and blogs....IN PERSON. So good to see you. I love your life, I love your family, and I love you.


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