Friday, April 4, 2008

One More Time

Gotta love a 9 year old who leaves you a shopping list. He obviously was in need of chocolate. And sugar.


The cute car drove up to the house, but alas, I was running a few minutes late. That's OK...he had more time with his true love. Bach. I am used to it...last year it was Brahms. The year before it was Mozart. And Durufle. And Bernstein.

I'm used to taking 2nd fiddle (or violin, in this case) to a rather large choir and orchestra. But rest assured...they will all be just a memory in another few weeks and I will still be here.


SO...we drove up to Long Beach. To Belmont Shore, actually. And let me tell you...the sun was shining, the sky was blue and I am now in love. With Park Avenue, to be exact. Tons and tons of cute little cottages....emphasis on tiny AND on cute. My favorite!

And why would we drive all the way there again? I mean, COME ON, we were JUST there!

Why yes we were. We needed a do-over! (thanks to Ingrid!)

Back to the scene of the original crime...Le Creperie. Sometimes, you just gotta have a crepe. This time around it was one with chicken and artichokes and another with shrimp and lobster. And let's not forget the Napoleon crepe for dessert! I actually took lots of pictures, but crepes are just not very photogenic...but the bathroom is!

PCH, for some unknown and probably never to be known reason, was closed on the way home, so our trip home via the 405 was fast. I'm off in a few to take the crew to basketball and then home to throw a huge pork roast in the oven. Brian is having a friend sleepover tonight and we may end up taking them to see a movie at our neighborhood dollar theatre. Or maybe not...we'll see how it goes.

Aside from that, my plans for this evening involve sitting under a heat lamp in my backyard. And maybe a teeny tiny glass of wine.



  1. Yes let's not repeat last weekend!

  2. Oh my were here again, that's awesome! I am preparing to write a blog about my Le Creperie experience this week. I tried M. Beach and I had to go to the Belmont Shore location immediately following so I could have my "Cheers" experience.

    I can't wait for family day at Le Creperie, maybe some Sunday after church we could steal Seth out of 10:55 and all go.

    Btw, reading your daily posts is now a highlight to my day. I totally look forward to reading the updates. :D


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