Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spa Day

This morning, we divided and conquered.


M and Brian took Alex to the 1st of 2 basketball games today, which they lost by 4 in overtime. to help ease the pain, the 3 boys then went to Sumo, an all you can eat sushi place. I wasn't there, and neither was my camera, but apparently Alex was quite the sight trying to eat jello with chopsticks.

I'm still trying to imagine jello at a sushi place.

My new camera and I went to celebrate my girlfriend Amy's a spa. Life is rough sometimes.

Rita, Linda, Lenore and Amy...pre-massage. Me? I had the most amazing hot stone massage...absolutely amazing. Happy, happy camper am I.

After, cheesecake factory for lunch and...ummm...cheesecake, of course. My fav...carrot cake cheesecake. Calorie free, of course.

OK...not just my earlobe, but what is hanging on my earlobe...brand new, really cute girlie earrings. They cost me a whole $1.00.

More pics later...I am on my way to game #2!

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