Thursday, April 3, 2008


Playing games...Alex is teaching them all sorts of lovely things! Brian lost yet another tooth this morning and two more are on their way out...the tooth fairy will not allow her assistant to handle the transaction for her tonight. Five bucks? Nope!


I spent the morning at Brian's school and then did my normal Meals on Wheels run. I ended up at Josephine's with chik-fil-a, though she kept telling me...NO potatoes. Apparently, she's trying to lose a few pounds...I asked her if she was gearing up for swimsuit season. She's 94 and not eating french fries.


I told her she is completely ruining the 90's for me. By 94, I am so eating french fries!

Came home to an extremely clean house, thanks to Amy who sent her house cleaners my way. And I truly am sorry that her remodel is taking longer than she had planned. Sort of.


Alex is still not feeling great, so he's going to skip tonight's training session, which means we are all home for supper tonight. I'm leaning towards TJ's orange chicken...and there is more broccoli from my garden. Either that, or a pot of broccoli soup...decisions, decisions!

My neighbor just brought over some magazines for me to look at full of farmhouse Alba is painting her house the most incredible color. I'm feeling the need to paint, knock out a wall or two, gut a bathroom, lay brick.


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  1. 90's heck when I am 80 I am going to take up smoking and riding motorcycles.


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