Monday, April 28, 2008

Bach, Basketball, and Bags

I'll start with bags.

The kind under my eyes.


Exhausted doesn't even come close to how I feel today, yet there is no rest for the weary. At least this week.

Bach is over. It was yet another truly amazing set of concerts. It is such a huge deal to him and one that he spends hours upon hours preparing for, so to have so many people come and support him is such a blessing.

But I am glad it is over.


As for basketball...Alex's 8th grade team played a local high school's JV team and lost by 2. Pretty amazing. The game was ref'd by his soon to be high school's coach, so my #5 played hard. And well.

Following the game, which followed M's Sunday afternoon concert, all of M's seniors came for a late supper in the backyard. I cooked and they ate, laughed and stayed until the wee hours, which brings me back to the bags under my eyes.

The hit of the party was the huge pot of chocolate fondue, followed by a rousing game of wii tennis. After the last group 1:00 am, M and I popped a bottle of champagne and sat in the quiet of the backyard. It was quiet and peaceful and a really great idea...until the alarm went off at 7am.


Under my eyes.

It's teacher appreciation week at Brian's school, so I was there to help out with flower arrangements at 8am. After, I worked the bookfair on and off until 3:30pm, leaving a few times to run a couple of errands.

Poor M...he not only worked today, but he is now off to a 3 hour high school honor choir rehearsal. He called to say he was stopping for sushi on his way and then would be home by 10pm to collapse. Not a problem, but he does need to watch The Bachelor with me 1st.

Priorities, priorities.

Alex is at practice, Matthew is at musical rehearsal (and oh, have I mentioned the text I got from today? I invited all 30 of the pit over for dinner Wednesday night, ok?) and then he is off to honor choir. Brian and I are heading to Orange for Chinese food with friends.


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