Saturday, April 5, 2008


Last nights sleepover went well and believe it or not, they actually slept for about 6 hours...not too bad! They watched The Sandlot and Galaxy Quest (oh my....I am not sure why I found this movie soooo veryyyy funnyyyy!!!) and ate and played. The cutest part was when the boys were talking about how LUCKY Brian is that he has older brothers who like to play with him...not sure if they realized the beanie baby war was not necessarily being played with love in their hearts.

Brian just rolled his eyes.


We had a fun time talking with Matthew and Jenn outside last night...they even made us dessert. 18. 18. 18. Sigh. He is so excited about next year...we have yet to take a dorm tour, so we'll do that this week. Sigh.

This morning, M and I took Brian on a trip to a fountain factory...we're still in search of the perfect one. A stop at Sonic was in order and a little food and a little music made us all happy.






We stocked up at Claro's and at Trader Joe's, spending close to what we would've on the 'perfect' fountain.


Basketball is on TV...and yes, Alex was picked up for an AAU travel team (coached by a former pro player) as a starting guard. New position for him, but he's beyond excited. God is good and quite literally dropped this one in our laps, so we're hanging on for another fun ride!

Anyway, some boys are watching, though one has a Bach score on his lap. Brian is out front with his's spring break!! Finally! I'm going to head into the kitchen...supper is going to be a baked pasta with eggplant and sausage. With garlic bread. And maybe, just maybe...a texas sheet cake. Other than that, we have no more plans for today except hanging out...amazing! Cocktails on the patio anyone??? We're home!!



  1. You ate STILL listening to the village people??!!!

    Get out of the 70's woman!

  2. Had I known you were serving cocktails and baked pasta - we would have scooted on by!!


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