Monday, April 21, 2008

Never Double Click!

I have issues.

BIG issues.


I have run out of gas more times than I can count. I blame it on M...for the 1st ten years or so of our marriage, we only had one car and he ALWAYS put gas in it.

I never, ever looked at the gas gauge cuz there was ALWAYS gas in it.

When we finally got a 2nd car, I ran out of gas quite a few times. Before cell phones. You do meet a lot of really nice people when you run out gas...and it soon became a running joke with my kids because they were always with me.

Fast forward and now I run out of gas when my children aren't in the car because they ALWAYS watch for the gas light to come on and pretty much start screaming when I get below like...ummm...3/4 of a tank. I always tell them that God gave me 3 strong strapping sons not to drive me crazy, but to push my car when it runs out of gas.


Now M's car has the most amazing feature on it...a digital thingy that tells you EXACTLY how far you can drive before you will run out of gas. It'll actually TELL you.

He has told me that he hopes I never have one in a car I drive because of my issues.

My BIG issues.

18.8 miles till I run out?

Hmmm...what happens if I go 18.9 miles? How accurate IS the digital thingy anyway?

(just pause and picture the really nice, calm, kinda quiet GERMAN guy that I am married to...can you see him rolling his eyes?)


SO, I was paying the mortgage online and it said, clearly, not to push the submit payment button more than once.

But what'll happen if I do push it twice? I mean...really!

I call M at work and do the ' ummmm, honey?' thing that I seem to do so often. His response to me is that he was surprised I would ever push any button that said 'submit'.


16 years and 4 months from now, I'll probably be thankful for the extra payment that I made last month...right?

And, for the record, I have not run out of gas yet in 2008. And that IS a record!


  1. So we should be grateful that you don’t work in a nuclear power plant or a missile silo!

  2. If you made two payments, make sure it is applied towards to principal of the mortgage. Or, can you call and have them skip next months payment? I know they won't refund it, but if you can skip next months then you will be back to where you should.

    Oh, all cars have what's called a gas gauge. Let's say it again, a gas gauge. If you look at it each time you get into the car and just after you turn it on, you will know how much gas you have. Of course that doesn't solve the problem of paying for gas these days. It's up to $3.65 at the local station.


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