Friday, April 11, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

Last night, a neighbor brought over sweets from her bakery...yum! They were perfect to eat during The Biggest Loser.


Bach. Again. The guy is just not getting the hint. M called on his way home yesterday and said that he was bringing a friend with him. Not unusual, we love to have students over on short notice. He then told me that it was his friend Bach.

Fine, but I don't have to be nice to him. He may be dead, but he keeps getting in the way...

So, this morning Matthew and I, along with Alba and her daughter Kelsey, went on a campus tour at Concordia. After, we stopped in to see our very favorite prof!
Wow...that's alotta music!
Adam and Alba After, we drove to Raphael's work to pick up Adam. I am amazed...Raphael is an architect and works on the most amazing projects all over the world. It was fun to see what he does up close and personal...very, very cool!
The view from his building...a gorgeous SoCal day! We dropped the teens off at home and took the younger boys to lunch. I am now supposed to have driven to basketball practice and then on to Long Beach, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Matthew's car broke down yet again, and he now has my car at his lesson. M has a recital and then needs to go to the play on campus, so he'll be home late. Today has been rough for him...many staff and faculty lay-offs happened today, including a very good friend of ours. Sad...just sad. For everyone.

I am dealing with it by cooking...I have chocolate chip cookies in the oven, a pot of gravy on the stove and Italian Beef in the crockpot. None of it is for supper...I'm making risotto with roasted asparagus for tonight.

This is a special weekend for us...Alex is being confirmed in church on Sunday! =0)


  1. So are you saying that Matthew is going to college with the girl next door?

    Does the girl friend know about this?

  2. That office looks slightly empty without a boat-load of balloons!

  3. Aren't old cars that break down fun? We aren't going to let our kids learn how to drive. It will be SO much cheaper to have them not drive. Can you imagine insurance for 3 teens, plus a vehicle?


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