Saturday, February 9, 2008


Todays high?

78 degrees!

M and I escaped from the boys and walked around the lake this morning, coffee in hand. It was so beautiful! We then spent a little while in my garden, pulling weeds and encouraging the broccoli to grow quicker.

I hope it listens.

This afternoon, M took Brian and his friend to the pool. They swam and he spent a few hours studying his Bach scores.

Everyone was happy.


Supper tonight should be something on the grill, but instead will be a pot roast with dried porcinis and a bottle of red wine in it...sure hope it's good!

Matthew is at a trumpet lesson now and is going with friends to see BLAST! tonight. He'll love it and will undoubtably rethink his decision to not do drum corps this summer. It was a hard decision he made (after 4 years of being on the road all summer long) and one that didn't come easily. So we'll see what ends up happening...

Alex is spending the evening with friends playing video/computer games. He's already spent most of his day shooting hoops...can't keep him inside for long. I need to do a whole blog post on what he has eaten today so's quite humorous!

Tomorrow is church and an away basketball game, plus Michael is guest conducting at an afternoon concert, so we'll be on the road most of the day. It's supposed to be nice again tomorrow...gotta love SoCal in February!


  1. You said Mike was watching Bach score but who was he playing and what was the final?

    It's hard to keep your heart rate up while carrying a cup of coffee.

  2. Swimming OUTSIDE?? In February?

    On Sunday, the high here will be zero, a big fat zero. I'm really tired of this. Of course it will warm up, then snow.

  3. I don't think I'll let Kate see this weather report. Then for sure she'll want to come your way for college. Right now she daydreams about music school in southern California or Florida while working as a Disney princess in one of their theme park stage shows. She really wants to be Belle, but she doesn't meet their 5'5" height requirement. So she'll settle for Ariel. And I'm not joking...she thinks it would be fun to be a Disney princess in one of their stage shows.

    By the way, does Mike's college choir sing Eric Whitacre music? That's her other current obsession... Eric Whitacre choral music.


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