Thursday, February 28, 2008

Food, Food, Food

It's been all about food lately.

Yesterday, I learned to make empanadas from my Argentinian neighbor. OH MY.

First off, my hair. I am almost there! My God-daughter and I were doing Locks of Love together...we started at the same time and she cut her 10 inches last summer. I am still growing and growing and growing...

Adriana and Alba. Those are some mighty spicy women!


It was so fun learning from Adriana...she was worried about her English, but it wasn't even a problem.

Empanadas...savory and sweet. Both are meat filled, but the sweet ones also have raisins in them and a little powdered sugar on the outside. Sound strange? Maybe...until you taste them!

We cooked and talked and sipped champagne and laughed...and then sat down to an amazing lunch.

Once again...OH MY.


Home in time to whip up chicken parmigiana for my birthday boy. I keep saying it over and over...18. 18. 18. He gave up chocolate for Lent, so he had berry cobbler for his birthday dessert...YUM!

Uncle Greg and Aunt Joanna and the whole crew came for supper. We've all been busy, so it was great to see everyone! The fun of the night? Building castles out of the bricks...though the other fun was watching Miss Sophie pose. I'm thinking Sophia Michele is actually a blond Sophia Loren! She is a crack up!

Check it out...he's sitting. He's still. He's quiet.

Having raised one like him...actually, currently raising one like him, all I can do is smile. And pray for them!


Fast forward to today. I had to work this morning but M had the day off. First up was dropping the car off to be fixed. Lovely. Would've left it as is, but that whole thing where the hood flies up while driving was a problem. Money tree, money tree...bloom, bloom, bloom. After, we met up and did Meals on Wheels together. I sure did miss him!

So, while waiting for the car estimate, M read about a new burger place on the other side of town called The Counter. (Holly, there is one by you...RUN THERE.)

Ready everyone?


It's a 'designer' burger place. Not cheap, but probably the best burgers ever. EVER. You choose from 20 some toppings...OH MY.

But, the main reason we went was because M had read about the sweet (as in potato) fries and fried pickles. He doesn't even like pickles, but if they're on the menu, then you just have to try them!

I'd never order them again...not bad, but not my cup of tea. The sweet potato fries, though, with the horseradish mayo...OH MY.

We made a quick Trader Joe's run and then my boyfriend planted the front porch barrel with Lavendar for me. Did I mention how glad I am that he's home??? And how thankful I am that he is ditching his conference???

There are now a ton of high school seniors raiding the fridge...the old gang is here. I am not cooking least not a 'real' supper. There's left-over chicken parmigiana and cereal and grilled cheese. And empanadas...OH MY!



  1. I don't see any problem with the hood flying open while driving. Don't all California drivers drive like that?

    The white hood would match the snow were expecting tonight. Yep, more snow, just what we want. :(

  2. Aren't Empanadas what they made in Sweeny Todd?

    Why would anyone give up chocolate ever for anything?!

    We have a restaurant near us that makes sweet fries they are very good.


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