Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring Break

Lovingly said goodbye to the boys this morning and sent them on their way to school. As in, push-push, shove-shove, bye-bye. Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy...

It's the last official day of M's spring break, so he and I hit the road. Filled up with gas and found it at a bargain price along the beach. I paid $3.45/gallon yesterday in our town...wowza!

Kept driving north on PCH, heading to an area that our Long Beach family had told us about...Belmont Shore.

Cute little shopping street with lots of restaurants and many, many coffee shops, but we were there for one reason, and one reason only.

La Creperie.

Feeling a little grumpy ourselves, we quickly...very quickly ordered a cup of coffee for the boy and a hot tea for the girl.

And sighed.


So many great things to choose from, but it's a crepe place. So we ordered crepes. To share.

Maple crepes with bananas and walnuts...

...and chicken, artichoke, and goat cheese.


Life was going to be OK. The food was great and light and made us feel good.

Back in the car, we drove along the beach looking at all the charming, cute, little million dollar houses. I like my Balboa cottages better, but these were pretty adorable.

Driving, driving, driving...listening to the B52's and the conversation goes kinda like this:

Where do you wanna go?

I dunno. Where do you wanna go?

I dunno.




fist pump.

So, an hour after leaving the crepe place where we ate a whole meal, we were at Schooner or Later drinking schooners of Fat Tire and ummm...eating fried calamari with the best durned cocktail sauce ever.

We befriended our neighboring table and just chilled under a heat lamp.

(Have you ever shared a meal out with my husband? By the end of any given meal, he honestly knows everything about our server. Or the people next to us. And their whole extended family.)


Back in the car having consumed 2 meals in the time frame of less than 2 hours, we head south.

By now the sun is out and we're in a convertible. On vacation. Life is good.



  1. For once our gas prices are cheaper than California! I paid $3.09 today at Sams Club. I've heard predictions of $4 by spring, but who knows?

    Rachel thinks it's strange that you take so many pictures of food! But then again, she doesn't eat much. But she was happy with the homemade pizza and cinnasticks tonight(now that I've figured out how to make it, who needs Dominos?).

  2. ok so WHO DROVE THE CAR after them beers, huh??

  3. Hands down, this is the best blog EVER. Really, I mean EVER! Le Creperie and Schooner in one day, I think you should win an award for that adventure. i.e. **beware, fun is off the charts and the alcohol content may be too. ** :D
    I am THRILLEd that you went to my 2 favorite restaurants in one day. I see many a family dinner in our futures. :D


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