Sunday, February 10, 2008

Drum Corps

I've said it before, but Matthew was born into a drum corps family.

M marched 2 playing trumpet and the other as drum major, and then went on to become an instructor for many years. I marched 3 years (all colorguard) and for me, more so than M, it was a life changing experience. Made me grow up. Oh, and it gave me a husband.


All of our boys have grown up going to shows, but only Matthew fell in love with it. He already has 3 years under his belt and until last night, thought he was done.

Until Blast!

I'm sure you've all heard of it. M and I saw it the 1st time 7 years ago when it 1st came about. It was then at California Adventure for quite awhile.

If you liked it, you'd like drum corps. If you loved it, you've probably either marched, are marching or will march...or paid for someone to march.

Matthew had decided not to march this year. He had thought about getting a job and saving up some money for next year. He thought he'd want a summer vacation.

M and I were so thrilled that we had all but booked our summer vacation to Hawaii. Yes, a family of 5 can travel to Hawaii for around the same cost.

Aloha means both hello and goodbye.

Last night, Matthew went with a group of friends. And ended up seeing his corps director and a bunch of old friends. Who miss him. There were only 3,000 people there...of course they would run into each other??!?

Of course!

So this morning on the way to church (and yes, our church is just under 30 miles away), he mentioned that he kinda sorta really wants to and has reconsidered and is hoping we'll let him march again.

He's a really good kid and I am thinking at this point, we'll keep him. I should've known something was up...he cleaned his room when came home last night.


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