Monday, February 25, 2008

My Job

While the husband is away, the wife will...
  1. handle all the sports driving, including dealing with the broken hearted son who missed the last shot in the final second of the game and had his team lose by 1 point. Even a cookie didn't help this, for him or me.
  2. oversee the book report that needs to be written by son #3. the topic is the bald eagle and well...he already knows everything, so why research? it's due the day you come home, by the way.
  3. deal with the 1st college rejection and all that goes with that. also deal with the 1st audition and the immediate acceptance to a different college. ups and downs.
  4. manage the car and all the emotional stuff/drama following the car accident today. it wasn't me and no one is hurt and the other car has no damage. his isn't pretty but is still somewhat driveable.
  5. meet with the financial insultant/consultant regarding FAFSA and all paperwork is in. your signature has been forged. we are rich on paper and in heaven...prayers that some cash might fall from the tree. soon.
  6. replace the cracked crown in my mouth. lovely. bloom, money tree, bloom.
  7. comfort the 9 year old in the middle of the night. all night. bad dreams about giant spiders. once he's back asleep, the mom feels them too. sigh.
  8. dream of a faraway place. alone. check on expedia and alas, the money tree is still not in bloom.
  9. play? thought she was supposed to play. it's ok...see's candy helps. lots.


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