Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fat Tuesday

Traditionally, we have a rather large party every year on Fat Tuesday.

Which is today.

We eat. We drink. We are merry.

We discuss what we are giving up for Lent, which begins tomorrow, and it usually involves something that we are eating, drinking or making us merry.


This year; however, we had our Fat Tuesday party last Saturday because we are old and all of us have way too many children. Who have things like homework. And places they need to be. For us, tonight is the 1 night in the next few weeks on our calendar where we are all home together. And I just need for us to be together.

This season, I am choosing to not give anything up. Instead, I am adding something.


40 days worth.

I always try and choose something, whether it be to give up or add to my daily life, that truly gets my attention. That makes me think about the sacrifice Jesus made for me.

And exercise will make me think. And be a little (or a lot!) uncomfortable. It'll make me sweat.

So, my iPod is ready to go with lots of MercyMe, Chris Tomlin and Third Day. I even threw on some Bruce Springsteen from his really, really great newest album. Them are some mighty fun spirituals on there. I've planned my walking routes and I have my back up plan for rainy days.

So tonight, we feast. And tomorrow? Tomorrow we walk!

1 comment:

  1. First, you need a little Keith Urban to listen to. Maybe some Dierks Bently, too.

    I have the perfect exercise plan! Tonight and tomorrow, we're expecting a total of 10-15 inches of snow. Want to come shovel or snowblow? Or you could do xerxes' driveway. He always leaves it to his wife to do.


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